Oct 6, 2017
October 8, 2017
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Yoga anatomy and Bollywood dancing...

A bizarre but yet perfect mixture!

A fun weekend filled with anatomy workshops with Stu -"Working with What You've Got" and taking that into play together with Josefin in movement/ yoga sequences and Bollywood dance.

Stu Girling and Josefin Wikström has been working together for many years at various yoga teachers trainings and workshops in India and Europe. They discovered that Bollywood dance and yoganatomy however different is a fun and perfect combination!

This is a fantastic opportunity to spend time and learn from these brilliant teachers, limited to 20 people so hurry up if you want a spot!

Friday night 18.30-20.00

Bollywood introduction- Catch the ”style”Dance as you have von the lottery! A fun filled dance class with Indian dance mudras ( hand gestures) and a introduction to the ”Pagal style” crazy style dancing. Basic steps working towards a easy choreography. The best thing with this style of dancing is: You can not make misstakes all is good what ever you do! With Stu and Josefin

90 minutes. 350:-

Saturday Morning 8.30-10.00

Movement and fluidity. Josefin is teaching a energising morning class that is preparing and waking up the body and the mind, reflecting Stu´s fun afternoon sessions. Easy and usable sequences that can be applied before starting your yoga practice or as a mini practice on its own.

90 minutes 350:-

Saturday Afternoon 11.00-14.00

Stu workshop. Hips: Looks at the construction of the hip joint and how individuals may differ, the muscles around the joint and how they will influence movements in certain directions. So many yoga postures involve a certain degree of freedom in the hips and sometimes it can be hard to determine what is stopping us reaching our desired position. Practical exploration of groups of postures under the headings of forward folding, hip rotations and hip ab/adductions will allow students to discover where they need to focus their attention and how to effectively work on increasing the ranges of motion. Postures commonly used for exploration include, Baddha Konasana (Butterfly), Upavishta Konasana (wide legged forward fold), Squatting, Paschimottanasana (seated forward fold), Firelog and Virasana variations (Heros pose). We will also consider how many postures may fall unbeknown into the category of forward folding and explain what will be the likely expression of restriction.

3 hours. 700:-

Saturday evening 18.30-20.00

Bollywood blast. A dance class with the best rhythms and maximum dance steps into a Bollywood sequence filled with moves that will make you the ”king” of the dance floor! Stu and Josefin

90 minutes. 350:-

Sunday Morning 8.30-10.00

Slow Flow. A slow more gentle practice focusing on the relaxation respons and fluidity around the joints.With a guided relaxation and easy Pranayama at the endThe class will include some research around movement awareness/yoga the relaxation response and the brain.Josefin.

90 minutes. 350:-

Sunday afternoon 11.00-14.00

Stu workshop. Spine and SI joint: It is not uncommon for students to feel a degree of discomfort when performing backbends or when embarking on taking on some of the more challenging foot behind head postures. By understanding the construction of the spine and the surrounding muscles it becomes evident as to the types of movements that it is designed to perform in certain areas as well as the potential mechanism of injury. We clarify the common spinal injuries such as herniated and bulging discs as well as discuss the possible causes of SI Joint pain. The groups of postures discussed and explored practically are backbends and twists, and the importance of the integration of movements at other major joints of hips and shoulders will be demonstrated. We will endeavour to during the course of the workshop to allow students to determine where their own restrictions are and how to work with them. For those students that feel they are already too mobile we will look at how to build strength and stability.

3 Hrs. 700:-

Package price for the whole weekend: 2600kr.

Hela helgens aktiviteter 2600:-  

Du kan även välja att boka in dig på en eller flera klasser (i mån av plats), pris i informationen om respektive klass.

Begränsat antal platser 20 personer!

Kursen är i Ljusdal på STARKYOGA, S.Järnvägsgatan 42

Anmälan är bindande och betalning sker i förskott i samband med anmälan.BG 5292-4909 Silverkällan, ange namn och ”bollywood”.

Varmt välkommen!


Stuart has been teaching yoga related anatomy for the last 7 years both on teacher trainings and international workshops. He has been practicing yoga for 15 years, has a BSc Hons in Health Studies and for the last 10 years has been offering Therapeutic Bodywork exclusively for yoga practitioners. The underlying philosophy that guides what he shares is that knowledge is of no value unless we can understand how to use it and have use for it. With this in mind the workshops he offers focus on: what makes us individual, how can we understand our limitations and restrictions and how can we avoid injury and create balance. Stuart endeavours to bring as much fun and practical experimentation into every workshop and emphasises the importance of getting to grips with the concepts rather that getting bogged down in the detail.


Has been a full time yoga and dance teacher for the past 10 years and has been practicing various yoga forms for 25 years.

She has deepened her knowledge in Ashtanga vinyasa yoga over the past 10 years and is a student of Melanie Cooper and John Scott where she has completed Johns trainings and received his 500 level certification in 2016.

Josefin is educated in Bollywood style dancing in India and is a part of Sumeet Nagdev Dance Arts in Mumbai as a yoga teacher and dance student. She has been learning from various choreographers and teachers in India and is a student of Tripura Kahyap in Dance therapy.

She is a ambassador for The prison yoga project US and has developed the new educational material and manuals for the Swedish prison yoga project, where she is teaching regularly at Hinsebergs prison for women in Sweden.

Josefin is working with trauma impacted populations and is currently studying with The trauma institute in Boston US and Yoga therapy with The minded institute in London UK. 

Josefin is teaching yoga and dance with a fun and approachable way where she is experiencing that the yoga practice has the ability to provide a stillness, happiness and a sense of freedom available for everyone.

E-RYT 500


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